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Who am I?

me Welcome friends! I’m Cole, an AppSec professional who can’t stop speaking when I get put on a stage. If you’ve got an interest in InfoSec and personal development then I hope you find the things I write about the to be valuable to you!

What’s this about?

I’ve met a lot of damn smart people in the InfoSec space. Pen-testers, Architects, Engineers, you name it! Despite all of these talented people working hard to solve REAL problems, the same issues continue to crop up:

  • Adversaries know our applications and networks better than we do
  • We’re playing cat and mouse constantly, putting in controls that are already aged when they go-live
  • It seems no matter how much education we provide users we still get plenty of clicks on phishing links constantly.
  • and plenty more…

If you’re seeing this, then you might feel that the future isn’t particularly bright for InfoSec. We’re living in a very fast-paced time, and the challenges we encounter are not easy to solve by any means.

It just proves that we absolutely need to flip our current approaches to InfoSec. My mission is to give people the tools, knowledge, and vision to change how their organisations approach InfoSec.

Where to start?

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve compiled a bunch of my beginner friendly posts here. Pick whichever one sounds most fun to you!

Catch up with me!

Connect on LinkedIn or Follow on Twitter below for regular updates about myself and the blog. I try to write once or twice a week. Absolutely feel free to message me if you want some advice about the industry or are interested in consulting for your organisation.

Also available to meet at conferences or in Sydney if you want to have a coffee.